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Montecito is a gorgeous, upscale neighborhood in Santa Barbara known for its luxurious community and scenic beauty. The residents of this coastal community enjoy access to pristine beaches and scenic hiking trails, along with high-quality schools. It is no wonder many home-buyers are interested in living in Montecito.
If you are interested in selling your home, however, there are various items to consider even before placing your house on the market. Not only is there a lot involved in selling the home, but there are many necessary preparations before the house is listed. This guide contains an overview of what to expect when selling your home with Calcagno & Hamilton Real Estate Group, as well as a few home-selling tips as you begin your journey.

Determining the timeline

The first step in selling your home is figuring out the overall timeline of the process. The ultimate goal is to get the best price for the house while getting it off the market as soon as possible. Even then, there are instances where the need to sell is even more urgent. Understanding the overall timeline considers what can and cannot be done, such as there might not be enough time to upgrade the kitchen.
It is also pertinent to disclose any information about the property, such as unresolved claims and history about the house, which could impact selling the home. Certain items need to be resolved before the house is put on the market.
Overall, learning the motivations and urgency behind selling the property can strengthen the relationship between you and the realtor and provide context for the realtor on how to plan out promoting the property, when to hold showings, as well as other marketing needs.

Researching the real estate market

Once the timeline is set for the selling process, your agent will perform a local market analysis. This analysis includes researching the market trends to assess whether it is currently a buyer's or a seller's market or simply determining who the market is favoring. Part of this assessment is seeing how long homes remained on the market and what the closing price was on the house. Other key factors in performing a market analysis include researching historical data, looking at the quality of the neighborhood, the home's proximity to amenities, and evaluating the property value for other houses in the area (especially comparable listings to your property).
A great resource is our monthly newsletter, which has statistics, new legislature and other valuable information about the local and national real estate markets. Performing the market analysis helps determine the house's value and provides an opportunity for you to learn of any improvements you can make to increase the property value.

Considering Making Repairs and Upgrading to the house

As your real estate agent completes a market analysis, this is an opportunity to look into any repairs or upgrades. Getting these upgrades and repairs done to your home can increase its value when your agent calculates the overall prices of your home. Making these upgrades also makes it more attractive to potential buyers by improving the overall condition of the house.
When considering what upgrades to perform, some common ones that can increase a home's value include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, installing new flooring, putting on a fresh coat of paint, incorporating energy-efficient upgrades such as double-paned windows, and improving your outdoor space such as the backyard. Implementing these upgrades increases the value of your home to the buyer, specifically with features helping to lower utility costs and which are also environmentally conscious.

Pricing the home

When an agent completes the market analysis, they will then price the home, essentially determining what it is worth. A combination of factors is utilized in pricing a home aside from the market analysis. The first factor is comparable sales, where the agent analyzes recently sold properties similar to your property in terms of location, size, and features. Specifically, agents focus on the size of the property and features such as the number of rooms, square footage, lot size, and unique features, like a pool or a view, or accessory structures.
Another consideration is whether home improvements or upgrades are made to the house and if they have all the necessary permits and paperwork for these additions. The property's location is also essential, as an agent needs to consider the neighborhood's desirability and its proximity to amenities.
These factors, along with the agent’s expertise, provide enough information for them to calculate a competitive, accurate pricing strategy that will help you maximize your profits on the sale of your property.

Home staging

After necessary repairs and upgrades are made to the house, it is time to stage it for maximum buyer appeal. Home staging aims to make it easier and more appealing for buyers to imagine their future lives living in this house.
An essential step in home staging is decluttering and depersonalizing the space. Depersonalizing a space means storing away personal items such as photos, mail, toiletries, and anything else, making the space your home rather than the buyer's potential home. Then, when there is more space, it is time to arrange the furniture so potential buyers can easily move around the house and showcase the home's potential.
When the home staging is complete, it is necessary to take pictures of the property for the online listing. Calcagno & Hamilton work with a professional photographer who knows how to capture engaging photos of the room using light, color, and angles for the optimal shot.

Posting a listing

Once the house is staged and ready for sale, the agent will list the house on the market. There are many methods for marketing homes, but one of the most crucial platforms a real estate agent will use is the Local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This service puts your home listing out to all the agents in the area, so if they have buyers interested in a house in your area, they have the opportunity to show their clients who are interested in buying a home in Montecito.
Other marketing options for your agent include posting the listing on their website by creating a landing page with staging photos, any contact information, and a call-to-action, which is to book a house tour typically. Agents also will post their listings on social media with the same information. More traditional methods include mailouts or physical print-outs of the listing, which can be sent to anyone not searching for homes online.

Working with Calcagno & Hamilton to sell your home

Are you beginning your journey of selling your home on the Montecito real estate market? Then contact Calcagno & Hamilton Real Estate Group today. Whether you are planning on selling immediately or down the line, it’s always best to get the ball rolling and to speak with a professional who can guide you every step of the way. From referring Trust Attorneys to contractors, Calcagno & Hamilton is here as your local concierge and community resource for all things Real Estate. We pride ourselves on building solid relationships with our clients throughout the selling process to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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